technology affect our social life

How does technology affect our social life?

The development of information technology in the last decade, their rapid penetration into various sphere of life affect the development of the personality of a modern child, significantly expanding his educational and educational opportunities, the communication system, leisure. Along with the positive impact of information technology, technology affect our social life as well.the communication system

Research carefully

Scientists warn that residents of the third millennium may be “frighteningly limited” people. With a warning about the danger of excessive enthusiasm, one of the most important acquisitions of mankind was made by 75 American scientists, teachers and public figures.

They claim that computers “pose a serious threat to children’s health” and can be the cause of “long-term impairment in the mental, emotional, and intellectual development” of children. Thus social effects of technology are there no doubt.

As testing showed, primary school students in the US who actively use a computer were, according to educators, frighteningly limited” in their ability to create their own visual images or ideas.

Therefore, scientists called on the country’s authorities to introduce a moratorium on the further expansion of the use of computers in pre-school and primary school education.

Science workers suggest preparing an official medical report assessing the threats that using computers in the learning process carries for the physical and emotional development of children.

Japanese and English doctors are also sounding the alarm. Amongst their patients, the amount of complaints of damaged memory function increased.

Studies conducted by scientists at a Japanese clinic among patients aged between 20 – 35 years illustrated that the present generation, brought up on all types of “external memory” machines, loses the ability to remember new things, remember old things, and also extract necessary information from a huge amount of information.effects of technology on social interaction

Contact with consultants

It is known that on the Internet there are already informal consultations regarding the effects of technology on social interaction that help those who suffer from this syndrome, special programs have been created that limit the time spent on the network.

The description of this phenomenon is more like dependence on alcohol, gambling or drugs: these include “symptoms” such as tolerance to Internet navigation, the emergence of psychomotor anxiety, persistent thoughts about what is happening in cyberspace, a decrease in participation in significant types of social activities or a complete rejection from her.

The psychological aspects of the mechanism are based on the natural desire of a person to get rid of all sorts of problems and troubles associated with everyday life.

Virtual realities have not yet received such wide distribution, however, there are private areas in which there is an acute problem of “moving away” from the real world into the world of computer games or programs.

Such problematic areas are studies of personality changes under the influence of information technology – this is: passion for computer games, travel (navigation) on computer networks and hacking.