Comparison of The Instruction System Between Vietnam along with the America

Today, there are several students of Vietnam who want to study in a foreign country. Few of them go to Singapore. Korea which is close Vietnam. The other ones go to France. England. or the USA for the reason that they think those states have a better teaching system than Vietnam.

The variances between the instructive system of Vietnam as well as the United States will now be explained.

In Asian schooling system for countries like Vietnam, multiple choice questions are not so common, in order to achieve a good score, examinees require to learn-by-heart an entire content of lectures. This is worth pointing out that students need to give all their time for learning, they don’t have sufficient time to participate in few social activities otherwise take part-time jobs.

American schoolsOn the other hand, American education system permits students to explain their opinion as well as questions freely. So, comparing with the Asian education system it is easier for them to identify the problems. In contrast to Asian school, the connection between a teacher and a student in the American school is fairly friendly that students are more confident while they need to explain their feedback and create a conversation with lecturers.

The other education differences in Vietnamese schools along with American schools are policies and regulations for every school. In the America, schools are actually easy for the students. They do not hold several regulations that make students uncomfortable.

Asian education culture is different. In Vietnam, the parents want their kids trained to be a model student. Consequently, there are several regulations that the scholars must put to death. Aimed at this ground. many students feel this atmosphere is really problematic. and they do not hold too much liberty in school.

Vietnam schoolsIn Vietnam, schools compared to American schools, students cannot decide the theme to explain. All schools have the equal standard degree for every class that students must follow.

American schools are not like that. Their students can take whatever kinds they want to analyze for the semester offered that they will get all credits to graduate.


Nowadays maximum people agree that America has the greatest education system in the world that makes students flexible as well as interested in their subjects. It will be better if all institutes in Vietnam change the education system to be like America.